NFL And NFLPA Say There Was Nothing Wrong With Eric Reid’s Drug Tests

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Carolina Panthers player Eric Reid probably wasn’t too pleased with some news released by the league and the NFLPA Wednesday morning.

Reid had been tested at least seven times this season after signing with Panthers, and publicly claimed there was no way the tests were random. Well, it turns out the national anthem kneeler and close friend of Colin Kaepernick was wrong in his assertion, according to the player’s union and the league. (RELATED: Here Were The Best Moments From Wild Card Weekend In The NFL)

The joint statement from the NFL and NFLPA read in part:

We will not breach any player’s confidentiality, but can confirm that the report documents the dates he was randomly selected for testing and the actual dates of the drug tests. The report also demonstrates that Mr. Reid’s tests were randomly generated via computer algorithm and that his selection for testing was normal when compared with the number of tests players were randomly selected for throughout the league during the time that he was on an active roster. There is no evidence of targeting or any other impropriety with respect to his selection for testing.

Yikes. That’s not good news for Reid. It’s one thing for the NFL to say the tests were indeed random. It’s an entirely different situation once the player’s association comes out and agrees with them.

The NFLPA exists to protect players. It doesn’t matter if it’s Tom Brady or the last guy on the bench. It’s there to make sure the league doesn’t do anything fishy. If they’re releasing joint statements with the league, then you can bet they’re confident Reid wasn’t being screwed with.


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Do I have any idea why he had to take seven tests? Not a clue. An educated guess would suggest it’s because he missed substantial part of the season before signing with the Panthers. Generally speaking, guys that aren’t in a routine program can get hit with drug tests.

I’m glad we can put this issue to rest. I never really thought there was even a chance the NFL was purposely targeting Reid over anthem issues or anything else.

Imagine the backlash if that was ever revealed to be the case. People would revolt and they’d be justified to do so.


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The NFL doesn’t like taking major risks, and targeting a player for his political beliefs with drugs tests is about as risky as it gets.

Let’s move forward, recognize this issue isn’t really and put it down forever. That seems like the most rational way to move forward.

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