Meet The Gym Buddy Journal—The Cheap Tool For Max Gains

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Most of us would love to start a lifting program at the local gym and begin reaping all the benefits, but motivation can be an issue. After spending a lot for your gym membership, the last thing you want to do is shell out more for personal training. This journal works as an effective, inexpensive alternative, laying out a detailed 12-week plan to get your right foot forward on the way to peak fitness. Plus, right now the Gym Buddy is on 26% discount—only $36 at the shop compared to a $49 MSRP.

The journal gives you guided workouts of two muscle groups per day over 12 weeks, allowing optimal recovery-gain balance and total body training. It also makes use of a pyramid format for weight and rep increase to make sure you keep breaking down muscle. You can note developments as you go to make sure you’re on the right track.  And there’s also sections on nutrition and the science of weightlifting, as well as a range of content designed to keep you motivated and pumped at every session.

If you want to challenge yourself in the weight room this year, but could use a bit of guidance, The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal is a cheap, effective alternative to one on one training—just $36 out the door now at the Daily Caller shop after a 26% discount.

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