Ted Cruz Mocks Schumer, Pelosi Rebuttal Speech — ‘That Thing Looks Like A Hostage Video’

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz mocked the televised speech Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave in response to President Donald Trump’s Tuesday speech on the need for a border barrier.

During a “Hannity” appearance with fellow Texas Senator John Cornyn, Cruz blamed the government shutdown on Schumer, then joined Fox News host Sean Hannity in poking fun at the minority leader’s speech alongside Speaker Pelosi.


“Their objection isn’t on substance,” said Cruz, referring to Democrats who refused to fund President Trump’s proposed border barrier. “I mean Schumer and the rest of them voted for $40 billion just a few years ago. Their objection is pure politics. They hate the president. Their left wing base hates the president. And Chuck Schumer, this is now the second Schumer shutdown in a year. He forced one earlier because he wanted to see amnesty. He forced the second one because he wants to see open borders and I know you watched the president’s address earlier this week and then Schumer and Pelosi …”

Hannity interrupted, calling the speech “the ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit that followed.”

“If ‘Saturday Night Live’ were remotely fair that will be their opening, but they won’t make fun of Democrats,” Cruz joked. “I promise you they won’t do it.”

Hannity quipped that even with “Saturday Night Live,” it would be “impossible to be that biased.”

“Look, I have got to say though that thing when I saw Schumer and Pelosi, that thing looks like a hostage video,” said Cruz. (RELATED: ‘She’s Scared’ — Ted Cruz Criticizes Pelosi For Wanting To Turn Cameras Off During White House Meeting)

“Hostage videos could be more compelling,” responded Hannity, laughing.

But the Texas junior Senator wasn’t finished. “And I am just about certain if you watch it again in slow motion, Nancy is blinking SOS as Schumer is talking. They know they are in the wrong and the American people know they are in the wrong,” he said.

Cruz wasn’t the first to poke fun at Cruz and Pelosi after their awkward speech.

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