Washington Wizards Forward Sam Dekker Heaps Praise On Wisconsin

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Washington Wizards forward Sam Dekker clearly isn’t shy about his love for Wisconsin.

We already all knew Dekker loved Culver’s, the restaurant from his home state, but it turns out he’s just a big fan of the state in general. (RELATED: Washington Wizards Forward Sam Dekker Shows Love For Culver’s On Instagram)

He said the following during an interview with the Washington Post:

It’s not a state that gets a ton of recognition but we have fun when we’re back. I always say to everyone, ‘There’s no better place in the summer than Wisconsin.’ We truly love being there. We’re hopefully there for life and I’m never going to shy away saying that I’m from Wisconsin at all.

Well, I’m pretty sure that I’d lose my job if I didn’t agree with Dekker. Of course our home state is the best. It produces elite athletes, kings of the internet, great cheese, Miller Lite and the Wisconsin Badgers.

That sounds like a home run to me on every level. It’s nice to see a guy in the NBA reminding everybody where Heaven on Earth is.


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I honestly feel bad for people who have never been to Wisconsin. How sad are the lives they live? Do they realize what they’re missing out on?

Guys like Dekker and myself will always know how great our state is. Growing up in Wisconsin would be like walking into a bar every night of the week and leaving with a different Victoria’s Secret model.

Wisconsin is the Victoria’s Secret Angel of the country. We’re that much better than everybody else, and we know it.

As a man much wiser than myself once told me, it’s not bragging if you can back it up. It’s just stating facts.

So, get in your car and head to Wisconsin this summer if you’ve never been there before. Props to Dekker for always repping where he’s from. Real recognizes real, and it doesn’t get much more real than that.

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