It’s Our First Weekend Without College Football. How Will We Survive?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There isn’t a single college football game in the near future, and that might have some people wondering how they’ll survive.

Everybody knows that college football is the backbone of this country. It brings people together. Even in a bad season like the past one we had at Wisconsin, I still love the sport. It’s my one constant in life.


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Now, I’m left alone this weekend without a single college football game on the horizon. I know some of you are going to want to point out that there weren’t games last Saturday.

That’s technically true, but the national title game was Monday. I’m counting it because we still had the whole weekend of coverage. (RELATED: The Wisconsin Badgers End The 2018 Football Season With A Glorious Blowout Win)

Deal with it.

Now, I sit alone wondering what darkness lies ahead without a football game to look forward to. Will the beers still be cold? Will the shower beers still be icy on my tongue as the hot water streams down? Will the food still taste good?

What will I have to talk about with everybody throughout the day? Is there even a point in getting out of bed? If there is one, I’m struggling to find it.

Gentlemen, stay strong. In life there are always moments will define who we are as people. These days can be our wedding, the first time you have sex and the first Saturday without football. The way we react to those moments define who we are as people.

Keep up the good fight, try to drink a few beers and remember that we will get through this together.

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