Oklahoma Quarterback Austin Kendall Considers Transferring. Will Kyler Murray Return To The Sooners?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Oklahoma quarterback Austin Kendall might be leaving the program, and that’s raising some speculation about Kyler Murray.

Kendall appeared like he was the heir apparent to the 2018 Heisman winner, and his entrance into the NCAA transfer portal is strange to say the least. Why would Kendall leave a powerhouse program that he appeared destined to take over? Well, some are speculating there’s a slight chance Murray could be returning to school.

CollegeFootballTalk wrote the following Friday:

Kendall’s move to enter the transfer database, though, could portend bigger things for the Sooners in 2019.

It’s long been assumed that Murray, who was a first-round pick in the Major League Baseball draft last year, will either begin his professional baseball career or make himself available for the April NFL draft.  What if, though, Kendall caught wind that Murray will be returning to Norman for one more season instead of going pro in either sport, triggering his transfer decision?

While it seems like a longshot, it’s certainly worth considering.

This might sound crazy on the surface, but this situation is so absurd that something has to be up. Why would a young man enter the transfer portal if he’s about to be handed the starting quarterback job for the Oklahoma Sooners?

It doesn’t make sense at all. This theory of Murray returning also isn’t exactly new. Former NFL executive Gil Brandt tweeted not that long ago that he thought the elite quarterback would return to school.

I really don’t understand why Murray would return to school, especially if he’s already considered a first round pick in the NFL draft. (RELATED: Oklahoma’s Heisman Winning Quarterback Reveals If He Think’s He Can Play In The NFL)

Maybe, just maybe, he views himself as a guy that would go somewhere between 20-32. That’s still good money, but it’s not top-of-the-first-round kind of money. There’s a big difference between the guy picked first and the guy picked 32nd.


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Murray trying to bump up his first round draft stock would be the only reason in my mind that would make sense to return to school.

Anything else wouldn’t make much sense. I guess we’ll find out soon enough when he either makes a draft declaration or not.

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