Acosta Is Wrong About The Wall, CBS Hides The Facts, And CNN Cuts Out KUSI

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In this week’s edition of “Unfake the News,” Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese delves through three examples of the “tremendous wall of nonsense” the establishment media managed to deliver this week regarding the border wall narrative.

Coglianese’s first example was CBS’s “fact check” on President Trump’s speech in which they claimed that instead of one out of every three women getting raped as they attempted to cross the border, the actual number is 70 percent.

“In other words, making a stronger case for the president’s claim that we have a border security crisis,” said Coglianese. (RELATED: ‘We Need To Finish The Job’ — Border Patrol Sector Chief Explains Firsthand Why A Border Barrier Is Desperately Needed)

The second example of “titanic fakery” went to CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s ill-advised attempt to prove there is no border crisis by standing at a portion of existing fencing.

“Jim Acosta proved the president’s point, that having a wall can be pretty effective,” noted Coglianese.

In the third example, CNN asked a local San Diego affiliate to report on the effectiveness of the city’s border wall. When the answer turned out to be against the prevailing narrative — that the walls work — CNN “declined” to have KUSI on their program. The station has since backed off its earlier contention that CNN was playing politics, saying instead that it doesn’t know why the network refused to air the segment.

“You be the judge. Was this a routine cable news decision, or CNN showing its bias?” asked Coglianese.

“Unfake the News” is a Daily Caller program dedicated to debunking the establishment media narratives that dominate our news cycle.


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