Anonymous Twitter Guy Turns Out To Be Better Reporter Than Jim Acosta

[Jim Acosta/Twitter]

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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This is bad, you guys, and you might have missed it.

An anonymous Twitter user spent his Friday night absolutely dismembering the border diary of CNN’s Jim Acosta. Acosta, for his part, spent Thursday filing short video diaries from McAllen, Texas.

One such video — featuring Acosta standing near a barrier — drew jeers from a few reporters on Twitter and even from President Donald Trump himself. (Trump: Government Shutdown Could Last As Long As A Year)

His last video, shot by a portion of the border with no fence, was seemingly a direct response to President Donald Trump’s criticism. As if to make the idea of border security seem like a joke, Acosta playfully pointed out a shuffleboard court adjacent from the US border.

For a Twitter user going by the handle “Techno Fog,” enough was enough. Either Acosta didn’t know, or he chose not to say, that the waterfront town he was reporting from is basically a Border Patrol firm base with a geographically advantageous position.

Now, to start, we should tell you that we reached out to “Techno Fog” a few days later. He verified to us his years living in the area and his identity, which we will not disclose for privacy concerns.

Ostensibly CNN sent Acosta down there to do actual reporting. Instead, with tweets like (emphasis ours) “I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation,” it appeared as if Acosta simply went down there to advocate for a specific agenda.

The pristine riverfront area where Acosta was standing does not have a fence for a reason. “Techno Fog” gave Acosta a lesson in the geography and security of the area that has since gone viral. He broke down all of the obvious border security in the area that Acosta was either oblivious to or outright ignored:

Other knowledgeable locals chimed in, noting that there are border patrol agents stationed “inside the park” Acosta was filming in.

Multiple reporters and media personalities shared the viral thread, adding further insult to injury in a very bad week for Acosta.