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Never worry about charging your devices while traveling again with the FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter. The slim adapter is now on sale for 28% off the original price.

Normally $45, this travel adapter is 28 percent off

Normally $45, this travel adapter is 28 percent off

FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter on sale for $32

Charge up to four USB devices concurrently with a speedy 5.0A output. The FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter add-ons work in the United States, European Union, and Australia. At only 18 mm, the adapter tucks into any luggage easily. The FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter has been reduced from $45 to $32.

The protective cover ensures the device won’t interfere with anything else in your baggage and looks sleek compared to clunky adapters of yore.

Stay prepared while adventuring in the new year when you buy the FLIP QUAD WORLD Travel Adapter in the Daily Caller shop for a sales price of $32.

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