Media Shutdown Sob Stories, Women’s March Stands By Farrakhan


Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show, we talk about the government shutdown and how Democrats and the media are starting to roll out stories of people teetering on financial ruin because of it. But those stories so far don’t hold water, we explain.

Also the Women’s March is this Saturday and organizers are in damage control mode, trying to deflect allegations of anti-Semitism from former leaders and dodge questions of organizers’ affection for noted racist Louis Farrakhan. Plus, California wants to tax and ban even more things, and a former Trump associate signs up to be on Celebrity Big Brother. All that and more on today’s show.

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They’ve started and they’ll only increase in frequency — the stories of how furloughed government employees are struggling under the shutdown, thanks to President Donald Trump. Liberals have a knack for finding “worst case scenario” situations and presenting them as if they are the norm. This is done to appeal to emotions, not logic. They want people to feel badly for these bureaucrats so they’ll pressure the White House to cave to Democrats’ demands. But these stories don’t hold up to scrutiny. An NBC News report says furloughed federal employees have resorted to getting food from homeless shelters and can’t afford their medicine. It’s important to remember that the first check missed by federal employees didn’t happen until last Friday and these stories ran on Sunday. So we’re expected to believe these lives fell apart after just 2 days without a check during a shutdown everyone knew was a possibility more than a month ago? That seems unlikely, and we expose all of it, including how federal employee health insurance actually works.

The wheels are coming off the Women’s March. Companies, celebrities, and even major liberal activist groups are running away from the event and its organizers. Several leaders of the march were accused of venomous anti-Semitism by former fellow organizers in a news report from more than a month ago. Having dodge questions since that report, its leaders are desperate for attention as the event looms and marches across the country are canceled because of those allegations. The only problem is, rather than apologizing for praising and associating with the racist Farrakhan, organizers refused to condemn him.

We have the amazing audio from The View, which should have been an easy, friendly interview but turned out to be a complete mess.

The president had the national champion Clemson football team at the White House to celebrate their victory and personally purchased mass quantities of fast food to feed them, since much of the White House staff is furloughed as well. Liberals, naturally, freaked out because it’s Trump, even calling him racist over it.

California seeks to tax drinking water and ban printed receipts, and the former White House communication director has signed on to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, which may be the most 2019 story of 2019.

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