Cleveland Browns Coach Freddie Kitchens Says He ‘Couldn’t Live’ Without Football

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Cleveland Browns new head coach Freddie Kitchens apparently loves football a lot more than most people might realize.

As all of you know, I’ve been following the Browns like a hawk this past season. They’re the circus act that simply never comes to an end, and they recently hired Kitchens to run the team. Well, it turns out I missed a major tidbit from his Monday press conference where he discussed his love for the sport. (RELATED: Cleveland Browns Hire Freddie Kitchens As Their New Head Coach) wrote the following on the moment:

Perhaps the best moment in Monday’s press conference came when Kitchens was asked when he decided to make football his life.

A three-year starting quarterback at Alabama, Kitchens was selling cars during the week and washing trucks on the weekend for extra cash. It’s best if he takes the story from there.

“Alabama would be playing, there were no televisions — this was in a wash bay — so I’d listen to it on the radio, and it would almost bring me to tears listening to it,” Kitchens said. “I don’t know if I ever wanted to coach, but I knew that I couldn’t live without the game of football.”

Are you kidding me? How isn’t this getting wall-to-wall coverage on every single network out there? Kitchens loved football so much that it almost brought him to tears!

I’ve been extremely critical of Cleveland over the past few years, and I’ve poured it on at times. However, I might have to take it all back after reading this story about Kitchens’ early days and life. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments You Might Have Missed From The NFL Divisional Playoff Games)


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“The fun’s in the winning … and we’re going to have fun.” — HC Freddie Kitchens

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Anybody that loves something so much it inspires this kind of emotional reaction is a guy I want in a foxhole with me when the bullets start flying. I don’t want somebody just going through the motions. I want the guy who eats, sleeps and dreams about success on the gridiron. It sounds like that’s exactly the type of man Kitchens is.

I take back every mean thing that I’ve ever said about Kitchens or the dysfunction of the Browns organization.

This dude is ready to win a lot of football games, and I now want to know everything I can about him.


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P.S.: Props to me for being man enough to admit that it’s okay to get emotional about being a champion. Sometimes winning just overwhelms you. Most guys wouldn’t ever have the courage to admit that.

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