De Blasio Defends Universal Healthcare Plan. Joy Behar Says His Defense Makes Him Sound ‘Republican’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended his plan to insure all New Yorkers — including illegal immigrants — during a segment Wednesday on ABC’s “The View.” And his defense had regular host Joy Behar claiming that he sounded “like a Republican.”


De Blasio began by explaining that he believed healthcare should be a right, and explained that the government was going to pay the price whether there was guaranteed coverage and access to care or not. Universal coverage, he argued, would make sure that people got care right away rather than waiting until they were sicker and going to get emergency care.

When asked how he countered the argument that some didn’t want their tax dollars to fund health insurance, particularly for those who were in the country illegally, de Blasio explained, “They’re paying for it anyway in the emergency rooms.” (RELATED: De Blasio Rolls Our ‘Free’ Healthcare Plan For Everyone. Yes, Including Illegal Immigrants)

Co-host Meghan McCain was quick to challenge the New York City mayor, asking how his plan would result in something that was better run than the VA.

“Do you think the V.A. is run well and it’s a great organization?” she asked. “By the way, veterans died waiting to receive health care.”

De Blasio then argued that because “we’re closer to the ground and we’re accountable to our own people,” his proposed system would be more efficient.

That was when Behar cut in, saying, “You know what, you sound like a Republican, a little bit, because they believe in small government and you’re saying do it on the local level.”

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