Liberal Groups Bash Karen Pence For Teaching At Christian School

William Davis Contributor
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Liberal organizations and outlets are criticizing second lady Karen Pence for accepting a teaching job at a private Christian school in Virginia that maintains biblical teachings on sexuality and gender.

Immanuel Christian School is a K-8 Christian school in Springfield, Virginia, where the wife of Vice President Mike Pence will now teach art twice a week and be known by her students as “Mrs. Pence.” Immanuel adheres to Christian teachings and reserves the right to refuse applicants or expel students who engage in homosexual or transgendered behavior, or otherwise violate “the moral principles of the school.” (RELATED: PHOTOS: Karen Pence Unveils Christmas Decorations At VP Residence)

According to the school’s Parent Agreement, families must “acknowledge the importance of a family culture based on biblical principles and embrace biblical family values such as a healthy marriage between one man and one woman.”

“It is our experience that families who do not share a biblical worldview will be uncomfortable with the expectations we have and the philosophy we practice,” the school’s admissions policy says. “We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic background. We do, however, attempt to be discerning in the area of Christian belief and practice.”

Some seized on these principles to accuse both the school and the second lady of bigotry.

“The Pences never seem to miss an opportunity to show their public service only extends to some,” the Human Rights Campaign said.

“The school considers homosexual relationships and transgender identity examples of ‘moral misconduct,'” the NOH8 Campaign said.

Former White House aide and current CNN commentator Keith Boykin called Trump-supporting gay people “self-hating,” in response to Karen Pence’s new job.

The Pences are devout evangelical Christians and are frequently derided in some left-wing circles for their faith. (RELATED: Vice President Pence Defends His Faith After Attack From The View’s Joy Behar)

Democratic Sens. Mazie Hirono from Hawaii and Kamala Harris from California recently came under fire for haranguing one of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees over his membership in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic charitable organization.

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