Liberals Are Quick To Cry Racism … Except Against Racist Liberals

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we give an update on the shutdown, talk about the allegations of racism against a Republican while pointing out racism being ignored by liberals because it’s by Democrats, disappoint people expecting the nominee for attorney general to rein in the Mueller investigation, and dabble in Brexit (like the UK government is). Check it out.

Listen to the show:

As the government shutdown continues, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has announced that the House will not go into recess next week if the stalemate persists. Yes, there is a planned week off for Congress because working 3 weeks in a row is too much for Congress. Also, there probably aren’t any lobbyist paid-for trips to the Caribbean islands scheduled for Democrats next weekend like there was last weekend.

Hoyer launched a new website designed to highlight shutdown sob stories, but they’re all pretty lame so far.

Democrats are quick to cry racism, no matter the circumstance. As official Washington lines up to condemn Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa for things he says were taken out of context, liberals are ignoring blatant racism in their own ranks. On the day an MSNBC personality declared there is no racism on the left, the DNC pulled sponsorship from this weekend’s Women’s March over racism and anti-Semitism among its leaders and a CNN legal analyst accused a black man of benefiting from “white privilege.” She, of course, didn’t know the man was black because the interview was over the phone, but being a liberal means she always has a “white privilege” or “racist” chambered and ready to go when the conversation turns to a direction liberals don’t like.

The razor company Gillette decided to go “woke” and blame men, their main customers, for all the problems in the world. Now the biggest problem for men who have enough testosterone to need to shave is which razor company to replace their Gillette products with.

People expecting the next attorney general to end the Mueller investigation are going to be disappointed by President Donald Trump’s choice, as he testified Tuesday that he won’t intervene with the special counsel.

And Brexit is falling apart. Oh well, the U.K. had a good run as a nation.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s all this and more on today’s show.

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