Brett Favre Weighs In On The Eagles Quarterback Controversy

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Brett Favre went on the record and disagreed with Doug Pederson this week in a clash of titanic football minds for the century.

The former Packers star, 49, spent a good deal of time discussing the emerging quarterback controversy in Philadelphia on his SiriusXM NFL Radio show. (RELATED: Here’s What Brett Favre Has To Say About Aaron Rodgers’ Record Breaking NFL Deal)

While the Eagles ultimately decided to move forward with Carson Wentz as their starter — despite his plaguing injuries and seeming inadequacy in the clutch (at least compared to Foles), Brett Favre doesn’t agree with the decision.

He said, in part:

No disrespect at all to Carson Wentz. I think he’s already proven that he’s a great quarterback. Totally different than Nick Foles. Nick Foles, to me, is more of a (Tom) Brady-esque type quarterback. Very limited in what he can do but very, very good in what he does. He’s a pure pocket passer and he’s great at dishing it out and he’s proven that he’s clutch. He did it this past week, he did it last year, he’s done it time and time again, and he’s proven that he can win the big games. That, I think, is what we have to look at, or the Eagles, or anyone in a similar situation — it’s about winning, it’s about being clutch, doing really what you expect your players to do. And he does it as well as anyone.

Favre is close friends with head coach Doug Pederson. They hunt together and run in similar football circles, despite Favre’s retirement over a decade ago. He went out of his way to remind everyone that Wentz is a good player, but simply not as good as Nick Foles during those crucial moments:

You know the old saying, ‘Dance with the one who brung you?’ They’re both young and can you keep going with both of them? I don’t think so, so you’re going to have to make a decision but I think it is a difficult decision.

Again, I don’t want to come across as knocking Carson Wentz at all because I’m not. I think a lot of him. But I would go with Nick Foles, I really would. … They are both good. I just, I really like what I’ve seen from both guys but in particular Nick Foles, especially considering the circumstances in which he has come in

I can’t say I disagree with Favre’s take here. I don’t want to go against Doug Pederson’s judgement since he seems to be a quarterback whisperer but I’d hate to say goodbye to a Super Bowl MVP. Just sayin’…

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