Netflix Could Lose 27 Percent Of Subscribers After Price Increase

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Netflix might be set to lose a ton of subscribers after hiking its prices.

The extremely popular streaming service announced that it will increase its prices by 13 to 18 percent Tuesday. (RELATED: Steve Carell Will Star In New Netflix Show About Donald Trump’s Proposed Space Force)

Streaming Observer reported the following on a survey they conducted after the Netflix price increase:

Not surprisingly, Netflix’s rate increase has some customers thinking twice about whether or not they want to keep paying for the service. Despite only being a $1-$2 increase, a total of 27% say they are either considering canceling or will definitely cancel their service. Another 10% said they planned on downgrading to one of Netflix’s less expensive plans to offset the new rates.

That sounds like a lot, but as Streaming Observer also pointed out, Netflix stands to make a ton of money if only a small percentage leaves.

Plus, are we really going to sit here and complain about paying an extra buck or two? I don’t think so. Netflix is the greatest, and I’d pay a lot more than $13 to stream my shows. I’d pay $20 a month without a single second of hesitation.

I’d swipe that credit card so fast that you’d think we were at a bar, and I was buying booze for a woman foolish enough to make the mistake of giving me her number. (RELATED: Watch The Full Trailer For The Second Season Of Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’)

If you’re reading this article right now, odds are you’re going to be just fine with an extra dollar a month for your streaming services.

That might sound bold, but I don’t think Netflix will be bankrupting anybody. This might also mean new content, which is never a bad thing.

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