Tucker’s Guest Accuses Trump Of Sending Message ‘If You Are Brown, Turn Around’

Mike Brest Reporter
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A guest on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday night accused President Donald Trump of sending the message that non-white individuals are not welcome in this country.

Rochelle Ritchie, a Democratic strategist, appeared on Carlson’s show to discuss the president’s decision to ground Speaker Pelosi’s trip overseas. He justified the cancellation in a letter to her explaining that she should stay in Washington D.C. to continue negotiations to reopen the government.


“People that I care about that are not getting their paycheck,” Ritchie stated.

Carlson said, “I live here, too. Isn’t this a good thing? I’m not sure why you are complaining about it. Now he can sit down with Nancy Pelosi because he has prevented her from leaving the country. So why wouldn’t you applaud it?”

“I don’t applaud it because he did it as a tit-for-tat. He’s immature. That’s why he did it,” Ritchie stated.

“But you are happy about the outcome but you don’t like his motives?” Carlson asked. (RELATED: Trump Cancels Delegation’s Trump To World Economic Forum)

She responded, “No. I definitely don’t like his motives at all. I think his motivations are to build a wall that is pretty much, instead of saying ‘Make America Great Again’ he might as well to say to Mexico if you are brown, turn around. That’s what the message is.”

“I think you may have gotten your talking points confused,” Carlson responded.

Ritchie concluded, “No talking points. Straight conversation.”

The government is in the midst of its longest shutdown on record. It does not appear as if it’ll end soon.

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