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Afternoon Mirror: Darla Shine Beats Up Mediaite With ‘Yellow Journalism’ Charge

By TheDC.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“You know what we haven’t seen this morning is President Loco tweeting a denial.”

—CNN and ABC “The View” co-host Ana Navarro on Friday morning’s program, referring to the BuzzFeed story that broke Thursday. President Trump‘s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, denied the story’s truthfulness by Twitter.  (RELATED: White House Refuses To Address BuzzFeed Allegations)

Darla Shine beats up Mediaite

“I challenge the media following me to get a cup of coffee and go thru, read my tweets/replies, then go read Mediate Caleb Ecarma latest hit piece on me & see how he exaggerates my tweets and takes them out of context Caleb Ecarma sets the bar for #FakeNews. Yellow Journalism.” — Darla Shine, wife of Bill Shine, White House Communications Director.

See the story here.

In other Darla Shine news….retweets do not mean endorsements.

“Just changed my profile to include Replies/Retweets don’t = Endorse Evidently if you reply to someone about one subject it means you r aware or support everything that person ever said or did in their life. I don’t have time to go back and read 10 years of tweets from someone.” —DS.

Journo wonders about butter croissants 

“How great would it be if butter croissants made u skinnier?” —Pardes Seleh, former scriptwriter, Fox News. Seleh has had some trouble landing housing in D.C. after working at Fox News.

Reporter says no to excessive, ridiculous tipping 

“As we debate BuzzFeed’s sourcing, whether the president is a crook, and impeachment, I have an important question: Is tipping at the cash register when there’s no waiter involved really a thing now? We’re just not gonna fight this? …Especially since you’re tipping with no knowledge of whether the food/drink will actually be good. So I’m tipping what, exactly? That you punched buttons on an iPad?” —Alexander Griswold, Washington Free Beacon.

Ben Shapiro’s advice to his teenage self

“Don’t let anybody tell you who you are, you tell them who you are.” —Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire.

Reporter says the week has been a ‘total waste’ 

“This week appears to have been nearly a total waste of time. Did I miss something that wasn’t full of wastage?” —Steven Dennis, Bloomberg.

Picture of Pelosi’s luggage is worth a thousand words 

Playboy reporter spots ‘Motherf*cker’ congresswoman at Starbucks 

“Rashida Tlaib spotted just now at a Starbucks on Capitol Hill — most members I talked to today couldn’t wait to get out of the DC.” —Alex Thomas, Washington correspondent, Playboy. In one of her first acts of Congress, Rep. Tlaib said, “Impeach the motherfucker!”

Washington Post blogger mocks Stephanie Ruhle’s ‘good news’ feature 

“If this is the best news we can find, we are so f*cked.” —Helaine Olen, blogger, Washington Post Opinions.

“There’s always good news somewhere! A furloughed worker was so in need of cash that she pawned her wedding ring. When the woman’s family learned what she’d done, they contacted the pawn shop owner and bought it back for her. #GoodNewsRUHLES @MSNBC” —MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.

Writer scares herself 

“There should be a word for the momentary terror you feel when you send a text or DM and then think you mistakenly tweeted it to the world.” —Pamela Colloff, senior reporter, ProPublica, NYT Mag writer-at-large.

Thrush trots tentatively on Twitter

“I took that tweet down because I don’t want to get shellacked by people who don’t know our deal,” —NYT‘s Glenn Thrush to Greg Sergeant, who writes The Washington Post‘s “Plumline” blog.


“Starting this beautiful morning, one of the limited number I have during my time on this mortal coil, by searching “Khaleesi Pelosi” to give myself brain damage.” —Gabriella Paiella, senior writer, New York Mag‘s “The Cut.”

Journo-Mom I bribes child with chocolate

“I was once doing a radio interview in the car with my son. I gave him a piece of chocolate and told him if he made a sound I’d take it away. You do what ya gotta do, mama!” —Shannon Pettypiece, White House correspondent, Bloomberg News.

Journo-Mom II’s baby ends up on air 

“My 4 month old son just made his radio debut on @wcbs880. Listeners in the NY area may have heard him decide to weigh in while we discussed the latest Michael Cohen developments (or maybe just demand breakfast.) Thanks to WCBS for understanding! #workingmom @FaceTheNation.”   —Margaret Brennan, moderator, Face the Nation, senior foreign affairs correspondent, CBS.

Glenn Greenwald loathes Sen. Lindsey Graham but…

“I’ve loathed Lindsey Graham since I began writing about politics – one of Washington’s worst warmonger and moralizers. But this escalating and completely baseless innuendo that he’s being blackmailed – with the clearly implication that it’s sexual – is utterly repellent trash.”

“Part of what’s being done to Graham is MSNBC & online charlatans – for profit & ratings – has convinced liberals they’re living in a Tom Clancy novel. But part of it is pure homophobia: gay men have dirty secrets (pedophilia, etc) that make them uniquely vulnerable to blackmail.”

“Whatever else is true, if you claim that someone is being blackmailed because someone else discovered dirty, shameful things that they did, and you have no *evidence* that this actually happened, you are, *at best*, a reckless purveyor of gossipy garbage & unhinged conspiracies.”

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept.

Today in Unnecessary Tweeting 

“This bar has exactly 4 minutes to turn off Whitney’s ‘I Will Always Love You.'” —James Oliphant, national politics correspondent, Reuters.

Gossip Roundup 

Ex-Breitbart News and Got News reporter Chuck Johnson emerges from obscurity. Here.

CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson doesn’t care about Beto O’Rourke‘s funk. Here‘s why.

HuffPost‘s Ashley Feinberg makes a fool of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. But she’s so grateful he allowed her to do it: “Anyway, fwiw I do think Jack deserves some credit for agreeing to this at all and if you know any other powerful billionaires willing to let me yell in their DMs please get in touch.” — Feinberg. Here.

Bezos and his girlfriend… plan to hit the Oscars, where, presumably, he will smell her. Here.

Cernovich home birth went well…’low stress’

“Baby and mom are well. We did a home birth. Very low stress, empowering, natural.” —Mike Cernovich, author, conservative writer.

Ex-BuzzFeed journo irate when… Axios doesn’t capitalize the “F’ in BuzzFeed.

“Cap the fucking F already jesus christ.” —Steve Kandell. (Isn’t Jesus Christ capitalized? Just asking q’s.)

He was reacting to this:

“NEW: Buzzfeed News is reporting that Robert Mueller has evidence Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the extent of the deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.” —Axios.