Pelosi Learns The Hard Way She Can’t Out-Trump Trump

Derek Hunter | Contributor

On the Friday edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we cover the latest drama out of DC — the congressional trip that wasn’t.

President Donald Trump canceling the Democrats’ seven-day trip to Europe and the Middle East because they should be in town negotiating an end to the government shutdown was met with clutched pearls by Democrats and the media. This came only a day after they all cheered Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to cancel the State of the Union address. Hypocrisy much?

We continue mocking the more ridiculous “#ShutdownStories” on social media and have a talk with Kurt Schlichter about his new novel, the situation in Syria, and when is it time to cut-bait in Afghanistan.

Listen to the show:

Watch the Schlichter interview: (Due to technical issues, this was conducted via Skype. Apologies for the audio issues at the start)

Democrats claim to be very concerned with the fate of federal workers furloughed during the government shutdown, but some were ready to spend seven days in Belgium, Egypt, and Afghanistan rather than work to end the impasse. How could a deal be struck if the speaker of the House was on the other side of the planet?

Thankfully, we don’t have to find out because Trump canceled the trip. This, naturally, led to a complete meltdown on the left. But if a State of the Union address was inappropriate during a shutdown, how is a week long taxpayer-funded trip around the world cool? As Democrats were on the bus ready to head to the airport, the president decided we shouldn’t find out.

Media-types were beside themselves, going so far as to wonder what it will take for congressional Democrats to start impeachment proceedings. Not even kidding.

Should the U.S. pull out of Syria, and how much time do we have to give the Afghan people to be able to stand up to tyranny on their own before we can pull out? If they can’t stand by now, will they ever be able to? We talk about all that and his new novel “Wildfire” with author and retired Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter.

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