Fox News Contributor Claims The Left Is ‘Threatened’ By The Youth Of The Pro-Life Movement

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Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy said liberals are starting to feel threatened by the youth activism within the pro-life movement after interviewing people at The March for Life and Women’s March.

“You guys have been talking all morning about the young man who was from the March for life on the stairs with the Native American and all the fake news that came out of it. A lot of the analysis of it has been. oh it’s because he wore a MAGA hat. Some people have said that BuzzFeed ran with that story, that fake news story about that boy and the Native American because they wanted to turbulent page on what had happened with the fake news story that dropped on Friday. I actually think it has a lot to do with abortion,” she said on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“I think a lot of things that happen in American politics have to do with the divide in this country over abortion,” Campos-Duffy continued. “And I frankly think that the left is very threatened by what you saw in the March for life.” (RELATED: Columnist Joe Concha Rebukes The Media For Dishonest Reporting On Catholic School Kids)


She said more young people are being drawn to the pro-life movement and are relying on science as well as faith to back up their beliefs. She also said the media has chosen to focus on negative coverage in an effort to extinguish the movement’s message.

“A movement that is a youth movement that is not because kids are becoming more religious but, frankly, because they rely on technology and science. And this is a movement that is, pro-life movement, is being bolstered and growing because young people trust technology and seeing 4-D ultrasounds of their baby sisters or baby brother more than they trust Planned Parenthood,” she continued.

“The left is very threatened by the March for life. That’s why they give a media blackout on it and that’s why I think this young man has sadly been caught up in this controversy.”

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