Racist Liberal Rage Mob And The Shutdown Roll On

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show, we have the latest on the race-hoax at the Lincoln Memorial and the death threats from “tolerant” liberals made against high school students who were smeared by the media because they wore Trump hats. We give a shutdown update — Democrats still refuse to negotiate, preferring to keep the government closed rather than compromise with President Donald Trump to bolster border security. Also, another Democrat announced a run for president, and this might be the least inspiring campaign kick-off ever; Democrats used Martin Luther King Day to judge Trump and everyone in the country by the color of skin; and Notre Dame is the latest university to cower to the liberal rage mob. All that and more on the show today.

Listen to the show:

The media race-hoax against the kids of Covington Catholic High School continues, as journalists and Democrats are still trying to pretend the students wearing MAGA Hats were somehow aggressors against a sweet, innocent Native American “elder.” The whole story is garbage, and the media walk-backs are garbage. They’re still spewing lies and we have the audio.

The government shutdown continues and Democrats don’t care. If the president won’t give them exactly what they want, they won’t bother talking to him. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed the president is trying to negotiate with a gun to their heads, but it’s Democrats who are acting like they’ve got a bomb strapped to their chest. We explain.

California Sen. Kamala Harris, who’s been in the Senate for about 20 minutes, is running for president. She announced her campaign in one of the least inspiring appearances in campaign kick-off history. And the “Good Morning America” hosts who interviewed her — Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos — embarrassed themselves with the questions they asked her. We have the clips.

Democrats decided to use Martin Luther King Day to accuse their political opponent of being a racist. They did so in ways that exposed more about them and their character than anything about Donald Trump.

And PC madness hits Notre Dame. They’re coving up a mural because it features Christopher Columbus and some people might find the image offensive. Pathetic.

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