Meet The Man Responsible For Keep Sean McVay Under Control

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Sean McVay is plenty impressive on his own, but it takes much more than just a head coach to take an NFL team to the Super Bowl.

In this case, one of the most important men working for the Los Angeles Rams happens to work right under Sean McVay. And next to him. And behind him.

His name is Ted Rath, and his unofficial title is the “Get Back Coach.” His central role is to hold Sean McVay back when he gets a little too eager and ventures too close to the sidelines or into the path of the officials. Essentially, he keeps the head coach in line and out of trouble. (RELATED: Stephen A. Smith Has Some Interesting Thoughts On The Growing Movement To Hire New Sean McVay-Type Coaches)

“There is an art to it,” Rath explains. “It is kinda like a dance. Maybe tango? Like a side step into the path of the official. And then remove back.”


This isn’t exactly a new phenomenon in football. Earlier in the college football season, we were introduced to Clemson’s defensive coordinator Brent Venables’ “Get Back” coach:

And at the University of Georgia:

Although, it seems like Sean McVay and Ted Rath have a much smoother relationship. Maybe that’s the secret sauce to getting to the Super Bowl?

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