Will ‘The Office’ Be Leaving Netflix Soon?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It sounds like “The Office” won’t be on Netflix forever, but it’s unclear what the future holds.

Everybody knows that “The Office” is one of the greatest shows ever made, and it has absolutely dominated on Netflix. Well, that might all change in a couple years.

The Office has been on Netflix for 10 years and it’s still in their top 5. The licensing deal is up in a couple years, it will be interesting to see where that goes,” NBC Entertainment co-chairman George Cheeks told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Wednesday. His comments come as NBC is in the process of firing up its own streaming service.


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I don’t want to panic here, but I will riot if “The Office” gets pulled off of Netflix. I will legit riot. It would be one of the worst days of my life.

Watching the hit NBC show is something that I do pretty much every single day. I watch it during lunch, watch it after work, watch it during dinner and sometimes watch it when a I work out. Yeah, I work out. Let’s not make a big deal about it. (RELATED: The Cast Of ‘The Office‘ Met Up For An Epic Reunion Photo)

Let’s focus on the important thing here, which is doing whatever is necessary to keep “The Office” on Netflix.

Don’t do it, NBC! Don’t do it. The fate of the world is now in their hands and the happiness of millions of people depend on this show remaining on Netflix.

If you have any favors with God, now would be the time to cash them in.

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