Trump Explains How He Came Up With New Wall Slogan

Trump hard hat construction Getty Images/Mark Lyons

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump explained to local and state leaders how he came up with a new slogan for his proposed wall along the U.S. southern border, a source familiar with the call relayed to The Daily Caller.

Trump tweeted his new slogan “BUILD THE WALL AND CRIME WILL FALL” with great aplomb early Wednesday morning.

“I came up with a new statement today, I don’t know I was just thinking about it … ‘Build The Wall and Crime Will Fall’ … it’s as simple as that … build the wall and crime will fall,” the source recounted Trump as saying. “I was going to add crime and drugs, but drugs are a form of crime and uhh it destroyed my beautiful poetry if I put the word in.”

Trump closed the briefing call with state and local leaders with his new refrain, encapsulating an animated push for Congress to resolve a partial government shutdown. The president pledged to local leaders that he would not back down in his current fight with Democratic lawmakers over funding for a border wall. (RELATED: Trump Holds Fast On Shutdown As Advisers Warn Of Consequences)

The briefing call and sloganeering effort comes during a near complete breakdown in talks between the White House and Democratic lawmakers over the partial government shutdown. The two sides remain largely where they were when the shutdown began shortly before Christmas with Democrats saying they will provide only $1.6 billion in border wall funding and President Donald Trump demanding $5.7 billion.

The president sought to break the 32-day logjam and stave off another missed paycheck for federal workers Saturday by offering Democrats the chance to extend the DACA program for an additional three years and the temporary protected status program. In exchange, the White House maintains its ask for $5.7 billion in funding, an increase in humanitarian aid and changes to the U.S. asylum law.