Here’s The Absurd Reason This Superstar Actress Refused To Go On Jimmy Kimmel’s Show

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Barbra Streisand refused to go on Jimmy Kimmel’s show for cosmetic reasons, a recent report claims.

Streisand, who is notorious for her absurd demands and drama behind the scenes, canceled a scheduled appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” because he wouldn’t film from a stipulated angle to show off the good side of her face. (RELATED: Barbra Streisand Rips Donald Trump)

Kimmel recounted the absurdity on “Watch What Happens Live” with Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

“If a guest wants you to swap around your set so the camera gets their best side, do you refuse? I’ve had to switch seats for Mariah Carey four times,” Cohen asked.

“I’ve had a guest ask for that and I said no,” Kimmel shot back.

When Cohen asked if that guest was Barbra Streisand, Kimmel responded, “Yes. It was the condition. The condition was that we couldn’t talk about that we’d switched around [our seats], and I was like, ‘I don’t see how that would work.'”


Streisand has fought hard to dispel rumors about her difficulty, claiming it’s an unfair label put on successful women.

“What does ‘difficult’ mean anyway?” she said in a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“If a man on a set says something — “I want to change this shot” — they do whatever he says. Now, if a woman asks…” she said, trailing off before getting too political.

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