Patriots Running Back James White Says ‘Nothing Magically Happened’ For Super Bowl Run

David Hookstead | Reporter

Patriots running back James White had a golden quote about how the Patriots ripped off their run to the Super Bowl.

When discussing the Patriots’ success after their shocking loss to the Dolphins, White told the media Wednesday, “Nothing magically happened. Just paying attention to the finer details.” (RELATED: The Patriots Will Face The Rams In The Super Bowl)

I love this quote so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it is for White to say that. That’s just a very smart take on the situation, and it sounds like it could have come right out of Belichick’s mouth as well.

Listen up, James White has been one of the smartest football players that I’ve ever seen, dating all the way back to his freshman year at Wisconsin. You could always tell he was simply operating on a different level.

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That quote sums up the difference between great players and everybody else. There’s no magic fix to anything in sports or life for that matter. It’s all about effort and paying attention to the little things.

The difference between simply being good and being great is noticing the details, fixing them and striving from there. (RELATED: This New England Patriots Running Back Is Putting Up Better Numbers Than Elite Receivers)

Football is a game of inches, and the details matter more than just about anything else. You can be the fastest player on the field, but you’ll be useless if you can’t run the correct route.

You’re not watching football the right way if you’re not paying attention to White. The man just knows what he’s doing, he’s a winner and he’s got a ton of talent.

The league would be much better off it had a few more guys like him.

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