Tucker Slams NBC For ‘Softest Interview’ Of Nathan Phillips

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson called out Savannah Guthrie on his show Thursday night for giving what he described as the “softest interview” to Nathan Phillips, the Native American man who was involved in a confrontation with students from Covington Catholic High School last week.

While many immediately assigned blame to the students, it later became clear when more video surfaced that they did not initiate the confrontation.


“Well, the media war against the menacing children of Covington Catholic in Kentucky continues tonight. The brief moment of media regret has been forgotten entirely. Yesterday, “The Today Show” questioned especially terrifying Covington student Nick Sandmann. They suggested that he had attacked a grown man Nathan Phillips by not bowing down or running away,” Carlson began. (RELATED: Kathy Griffin Gets Dunked On For Suggesting Covington Catholic Basketball Players Used ‘Nazi’ Hand Gesture)

During Guthrie’s interview with Sandmann, she asked if he felt like he owed anyone an apology, to which he responded saying he didn’t feel like he had been disrespectful.

“Don’t just stand there, it’s aggressive. Well, today that same anchor over at NBC interviewed Phillips, he’s the Native American elder you’ve been hearing so much about,” he continued. “That anchor had no shortage of material to ask Mr. Phillips about, his numerous false statements which he has made on tape recently, his misrepresentation of his military record or this interview in which Phillips describes a group of passive stationery children as a ‘lynch mob.’ Watch.”

Carlson then aired a clip of Guthrie’s interview with Phillips.

Carlson added, “This is becoming a society that speaks almost exclusively in cliches, and that’s a sign of decline. In the case of the tape we just saw, that was false, it was totally misleading and slanderous and lies like that will hurt these kids for life. So maybe Phillips could have been asked about that, but no, he got the softest interview network television has done since Princess Di.”

Nathan Phillips, the Native American man in the video, explained on Tuesday that he may call for the students’ expulsion.

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