Clemson And Georgia Will Make At Least $5 Million Each For 2024 Game

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Georgia and Clemson will be taking home a lot of cash when they play in the 2024 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game.

The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game is one of the best moments of the entire college football season. It pins two of the best teams in the country against each other in week one. Well, there will be a lot of money involved when the Bulldogs and Tigers play each other.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the following Thursday on the financial details of the 2024 game, which will be played in Mercedes-Benz Stadium:

The 19-page contract, signed late last August, was released Wednesday in accordance with state open record laws.

In order to receive the “full settlement,” the schools must sell at least 28,500 tickets each. But with opportunities to receive additional tickets thereafter, the respective programs can earn even more money. The contract calls for a “guaranteed payment” of $5 million or 80 percent of ticket revenue, “whichever is greater.”

That sure is a lot of money for the first game of the season. Even for a programs the size of these two, cashing a check for at least $5 million is a massive cash grab.

Let’s also not forget that it could even turn out to be a lot more because it could end up being 80 percent of ticket revenue if that’s greater.


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Of course, major teams are going to want a lot of money to play another powerhouse in week one. A loss could really hamper any postseason aspirations, and teams are going to want to be paid a lot for taking that kind of risk. (RELATED: Clemson Beats Alabama For National Title)

It seems like getting paid at least $5 million is enough for these two teams to jump into the fight.


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Hopefully, these two squads are still as elite as they are right now when they take the field against each other in a few years.

There’s also an outstanding chance they play each other a lot sooner than that. I’d be shocked if Clemson and Georgia weren’t in the playoff at the same time at some point in the next four years. That would be stunning.

At least we know they’ll be playing for sure in 2024, and that should be a lot of fun.

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