OPINION: For Kamala Harris, Dreamers Take Priority Over Fallen American Heroes

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Ashley Hayek Contributor
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Democratic representatives have spent countless hours vigorously advocating for the rights of illegal immigrants, but when it comes time to meet with the families of American’s fallen heroes the same representatives are not available to meet with the mothers whose children were killed either in the line of duty or at the hands of illegal immigrant criminals.

One story that won’t make mainstream headlines is the visit that Gold Star, Angel and 9/11 families made to the offices of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Sen. Kamala Harris — only to be rejected and told to leave, lest law enforcement be called. (Gold Star families are those who have had a family member killed in combat; Angel Star families are those who have had a family member killed by an illegal immigrant.)

Harris, who is a Democratic presidential hopeful, has been a vocal advocate for illegal immigrant families. In stark contradiction to her treatment of military families, outside Harris’s office is a sign that reads, “Dreamers son bienvenidos aqui” translating to “Dreamers are welcome here.”

The disparity in treatment of the two groups is insulting to the citizens and heroes who have fought and died to protect Harris and America’s fundamental constitutional rights. Harris claims to be, as NBC News recently described it, “a voice to the voiceless.” Truth be told, she is silencing people who undermine her progressive agenda.

Adding insult to injury, Harris was apparently too busy or uninterested to meet with Angel and Gold Star families, yet she did find time in her busy schedule to travel to a border detention facility to meet with non-citizen migrant mothers.

In this capacity, Harris claims she is an advocate for mothers of children who have been separated — but it appears only through illegal immigration. She tweeted about the migrant mothers’ “loss” for having to be separated after crossing the border. To the contrary, Angel moms who came to Harris with photos and stories of their own children senselessly murdered at the hands of illegal immigrants were not met with sympathetic Tweets but instead, silence and threats of removal.

Is it not enough that these families are forever impacted due to the negligence of lawmakers to keep America safe? Is it not enough that these Gold Star mothers lost their sons and daughters defending the country so that Democratic leaders can “exercise their freedoms” by abdicating their responsibilities, while still getting paid? Is it truly lost on Democratic Congress members that while they are demanding “rights” for illegal immigrant criminals, Americans are literally dying in the streets?

In choosing to explore a run for president, Harris is vying for another role known as “commander in chief.” As such, she would be responsible for the U.S. Armed Services and the protection of all Americans. Under no condition would Harris be able to fulfill this responsibility fairly and equally given her blatant bias against military and Angel families.

Harris criticizes the president for not addressing the needs of Dreamers and meets with migrants, yet refuses to acknowledge the needs of families of the Armed Services, or listen to the plight of Angel families. It is the president’s duty to represent the American people. The sign outside her door this week clearly demonstrates that she prioritizes illegal criminals first, and fallen military and Americans second.

Ashley Hayek is executive director of California Women’s Leadership Association and a fundraiser who has raised millions of dollars for GOP candidates in California.

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