Celebrate Ellen DeGeneres’ Birthday With A Look Back At These Unforgettable Moments On Her Show

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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It’s Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday Saturday.

In honor of the 61-year-old comedian, talk show host and actress’ day, we took a look back at some of the most unforgettable moments on her popular talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” And we can’t lie, there have truly been so many great ones it was almost impossible to pick which ones to share.

Born in Metairie, Louisiana, the Emmy-winning talk show host got her break in the entertainment industry as a comedian doing stand-up across the country in the early 1980s. After a few stints on less-than-successful TV shows, she took a chance at hosting a talk show and the rest, as they say, is history. .(RELATED: Ellen DeGeneres Vs. Eric Trump–Who Ya Got?)


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“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” hit the air September of 2003 and has been a daytime staple for 16 seasons. During that time she’s had numerous stars on the show like Jennifer LopezKim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, just to name a few.

And full disclosure — when comedians get cracked up, I just love it!  So, these are some of those great moments. Enjoy this trip down memory lane. (RELATED: Ellen DeGeneres Defends Herself Against Critics Over ‘Racist’ Meme)

There’s that time when Taylor Swift taught Zac Efron how to play the guitar on the show in 2012 and the two sang a duet inspired by her show. Perfection!


How about when DeGeneres meet a super friendly giant anaconda on the show that same year?


Ryan Reynolds’s appearance last year talking about his little kids and how he was “over” watching “Frozen” became an instant classic.


Then there was the time Sofia Vergara showed up in November 2017, and the two had a “stuff your Granny Panties” competition. And, well, you just have see it to believe it.


For the last couple of years, the host has been on a serious kick with scaring people, like Diddy, and it’s made comedy gold!

“American Horror Story” actress Sarah Paulson getting scared more than once on one show during her appearance in September 2017 is one of those moments we would be remiss not to share.


Speaking of scaring people, last year might have been the best when Kris Jenner came on the show and the talk show host literally scared the *bleep* right out of her.


Another one of her favorite bits, Hidden Camera Fun, has generated so much fun. Check out this one from 2010 when she got a barista at Starbucks to say whatever she told her to.


How about that time Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were on the show for a bit called, “Does Daddy Really Know Best”  in 2017 and proved — well, you have to watch it to find out.


And the episodes where she’s invited kids on are downright hysterical.

This kid magician in 2016, who goes by the name of “Magnificent Britton,” had everyone howling after he had … a bit of trouble.


Then there’s the time six-year-old Gideon cracked everyone up when he thought he had solved that annoying problem of leaking goggles while swimming.


The fans calling in has been a great part of the show too. Here’s Gladys from Austin, Texas, in 2010 and it’s a true classic moment from the last 15 years.


Last month, the TV host made headlines when it came out she’s been thinking of retiring from her hit show in the near-future.

DeGeneres, who is rarely shy, recently re-upped her contract until summer of 2020-admitted she’s been getting conflicted advice about whether or not to walk away from the hit program between her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, and her brother, Vance DeGeneres, who thinks that the country needs her upbeat, “unifying voice” on TV every day under President Donald Trump.

We definitely can always use the laughs. Thanks for all the fun. Happy Birthday, Ellen!