The Shutdown, The Smearing Of Innocent Kids, And Acosta’s Ego All Roll On

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the show today we get into a number of hot topics, including: the failure of the Senate to agree to any funding bill to reopen the government, the continued media hit-job on the Covington Catholic High School students and their protection of activist and stolen valor fraud Nathan Phillips, and the news that CNN’s Jim Acosta is writing a book. Plus, in the Friday video interview edition of the podcast, we interview John Lott, president and founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center, on how the founder and CEO of BuzzFeed once stole his identity in an attempt to use his name to influence public policy. It’s an amazing story you have to hear to believe, and it’s included in the audio version of the podcast and available as a stand alone video.

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Both the Republican and Democratic bills to reopen the government failed Thursday in the Senate, which leaves us right where we were before the votes were held. Is there anyway to end this mess? Will Democrats ever be willing to negotiate? Will Republicans ultimately cave? We get into all of it, and mock it along the way because Washington, D.C., is basically high school with paychecks.

Speaking of high school, the kids from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky are still under attack from liberals and the media continues its defense of Nathan Phillips, who lied about being a Vietnam veteran. Phillips received a more of a Nerf ball interview than a softball interview from NBC News, in which they ignored his stolen valor past, preferring to gush over the activist who spent the week lying about children. Meanwhile, the family of Nick Sandmann, the kid Phillips directly confronted in the video, has hired one of the nation’s preeminent lawyers when it comes to defamation lawsuits against media outlets. Things are about to get more interesting.

And Jim Acosta is writing a book, which is not a coloring book. It’s called, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” If it indeed is a dangerous time to tell the truth in America, Acosta should be perfectly safe.

Plus, the interview with John Lott, the nation’s foremost expert on the Second Amendment and gun laws in the country. In 2003, the founder and CEO of BuzzFeed created a fake website and email address so he could pretend to be Lott in an attempt to influence the gun control debate. It’s a truly amazing story that only ended after a long legal battle, but it lets you know where BuzzFeed gets its disinterest in truth.

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