These Totally Wireless Earbuds Are A Third Of The Price Of AirPods

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You can walk into any drugstore and buy wireless earbuds. The difference between even the highest quality Bluetooth earbuds and NOVA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is the extra features that enhance your digital life. Get a pair of them today for $30 off the original price.

Normally $80, these Bluetooth earbuds are 37 percent off

Normally $80, these Bluetooth earbuds are 37 percent off

NOVA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds on sale for $49

Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and voicemails in Bluetooth 4.1 audio. Simply sync the earbuds to your phone using Bluetooth technology and respond to urgent calls or just gab with your friends on the go. AirPods cost three times the price of NOVA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

The portable charging case powers not only the earbuds but your phone or tablet as well. The NOVA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come included with a small, medium, and large sizes to fit any ear shape or size. The buds have been reduced from over $70 to under $50.

Enjoy unparalleled sound quality and stay charged on the go when you buy the NOVA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in the Daily Caller shop for a sales price of $49.

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