VOTE: Which Toiletries Company Do You Want To Lecture You Next?


Matt M. Miller Contributor
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After the airing of Gillette’s hotly debated ad titled, We Believe: The Best Men Can Be,” which toiletries company do you think will be the next to scold men for being hateful, sexist and predatory? Do you think this type of “woke” social justice lecturing is effective in advertising, or does it hurt business in the long run?

The ad presently has 1.2 million dislikes on Youtube, with only 719,000 likes, which reveals just how divisive and disagreeable the ad really is. New York-based advertising agency, Grey, produced the ad and has refused to answer questions or make comments to the Daily Caller concerning its original intent or give us their response to the ad’s backlash. (RELATED: Fox Nation Host Tyrus Blast Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity Ad’: ‘Clean of Your Back Yard’ First)

Following the release of Gillette’s ad, a watch company called Egard Watches released an advertisement of their own in response to the negative generalization of men in Gillette’s commercial. Their ad titled, “What is a man? A response to Gillette,” portrays men in a positive light, emphasizing the importance of men and male roles in society, such as fathers, protectors, and builders.

The Egard Watches ad also points out certain parts of society where men get the short end of the stick, such as men comprising 80% of all suicide victims, 79% of suicide victims, divorced men financially supporting their children without visitation rights, etc. (RELATED: Gillette Uses New Ad Buy To Lecture Men On Toxic Masculinity)

Commercials like this one have no villain or protagonist being talked down to in a negative way. Instead, it promotes positive imagery of the customer base being targeted by the ad, rather than negatively portraying those who you are trying to sell to. Which do you think is a more effective advertising strategy?