Dan Crenshaw Backs Trump On Continuing Resolution, Explains Why Democrats Are Backed Into A Corner

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Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted his support for President Donald Trump for doing what he “had to do” by promising to sign a continuing resolution to fund the government for three weeks even though border barrier funding was not secured.

The Texas congressman’s Friday tweet also came with the observation that Democrats will finally “be forced to debate border security” instead of focusing on the weeks-old partial government shutdown.

“Mr. President, you did what you had to do,” Crenshaw, who has consistently called for a border barrier, tweeted. “Now House Democrats will be forced to debate border security and not a shutdown. And I’ll be on Homeland Security Committee to do just that.”

Several hours earlier, Crenshaw tweeted a Newsweek article about Trump’s plans to sign the continuing resolution along with a challenge for Democrats who insisted for weeks that they couldn’t negotiate while the government was shut down. (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Starts The Clock On Anti-Wall Democrats — They Have ’21 Days’)

To Crenshaw’s point, ending the shutdown before negotiating has been a key talking point of late for Democrats. Even California Rep. Katie Hill, who has expressed an interest in voting for some border barrier funding, insisted that President Trump “stop using federal workers’ lives as a political pawn” while calling for both sides to “go to the table” on the issue.

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