LEVELL: Unborn Children Can Thank Donald Trump — And Fear Andrew Cuomo

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Bruce LeVell Contributor
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As an African American Republican leader, my personal testimony in relation to abortion is tied to who I am today through the gift of adoption. I am an executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for President Trump. Unashamed, I want to speak out and encourage men and women to consider the process of adoption and finding support for their unborn children.

As a biracial child in the 1960’s, I was adopted and raised in a loving household by God-fearing parents. Interracial marriages were illegal in many states during that time. I will never know if my birth parents felt pressure to have an abortion considering that a large number of biracial pregnancies ended in such a way.

Not knowing the reasons that led my birth parents to decide that they would not be the ones to raise me, I am grateful to them for being hopeful for my future. They allowed me to be adopted. My birth parents gave me the precious gift of life and my adoptive parents topped that gift with a future filled with faith and love.

Prior to adopting me, fatality during childbirth was a reality for my adoptive mother. She almost bled to death from complications with my sister’s birth. Resources and access to technology were hard to find in segregated hospitals and the conditions my mother faced were not desirable. She had to drive to several hospitals during her recovery to get the care she needed. Driving to and from hospitals for treatment, my mother would often pass a Home for Children.

One day, she said that God told her to stop at this facility. With blind faith and obedience, she pulled in to the parking lot and walked in. Inside the home there was a big glass window with wire behind it that looked into a room with children. She tells the story that she saw a 2 ½ year old little boy in the corner playing with his blocks. I was the one that stood out; the one God told her to choose. She. chose. me.

With discrimination and prejudice prevalent in the United States, adopting a biracial child was difficult. Biracial children were usually the first to be passed over due to parents not wanting to deal with the added pressures caused by the sentiments of the time. My parents were steadfast in their decision and answered God’s call to give me a home and a new life through adoption.

My life was spared. My future was a possibility because my birth parents spared me.

On Jan. 23, 2019, the Reproductive Health Act was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo of the State of New York. Abortion past 24 weeks of age is legal and the limitations have been lifted. There are many children who will not be spared as a result. What if I hadn’t been lucky enough to be born? I am a living example that hope can lead a biracial child born in the 60’s to grow up, get married, raise a beautiful family, own a business, employ others and make positive contributions to society. My story was not meant to start and end as a statistic of abortion. My story is one that shows that there is an alternative full of life, hope and faith.

President Trump is pro-life. I know this because he knows my story and I know his heart when it comes to the value of life and children. What if President Trump had not been elected to the highest office in the United States? Would leaders like me stand up to tell their stories and advocate for the lives of unborn children? Would we have the support to speak against the unconscionable actions the innocent will face as a result of this Reproductive Health Act? I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that President Trump and I are on the same page when it comes to being unabashedly in support of giving the unborn life, hope and a future.

Bruce LeVell (@Bruce_LeVell) is a retail jewelry manufacturer of over 25 years, a real estate developer, and the executive director of National Diversity Coalition For Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign. He is a former chair of the Gwinnett County, Georgia Republican Party.

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