Progressives, Pretension, Privilege, And Poison Pasta

Derek Hunter | Contributor

On today’s show, we cover the possible presidential candidacy of a former coffee tycoon, the actual candidacy of a liberal lunatic, and all the rest of the insanity of the last 24 hours — and there was a lot of it.

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Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is thinking about running for president of the United State as an independent, bankrolled by his personal fortune. Schultz is largely a liberal, only deviating from the left’s orthodoxy on the national debt. This has liberals concerned. He could potentially split the Democratic Party’s vote and ensure the reelection of President Donald Trump. They’re so worried, activists are already heckling him on his book tour. We cover what it all means.

California Sen. Kamala Harris wants to destroy all private health insurance, whether people like it or not. In a town hall on CNN, Harris essentially told the crowd that she doesn’t care if you like your health insurance, it has to be sacrificed on the altar of socialized medicine for the greater good. So much for freedom of choice.

Newly-minted congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a progressive darling, keeps interesting company. Turns out she’s a member of a group on Facebook where a lot of anti-Semitism is the norm. It’s likely she’ll have nothing to fear from her close ties to rabid anti-Semitism because the press will protect her. Liberals take care of their own.

After journalists faced layoffs, Twitter moved to protect them from the sort of cynicism many of them gleefully tossed towards conservatives. The social media site warned people that telling laid off journalists to “learn to code” was unacceptable. One outlet, BuzzFeed, which just laid off 15 percent of its staff last week, is currently hiring cheaper labor. You can’t make this stuff up.

Plus, a marathon in Gaza was canceled after Hamas forbade women from running in it; Yellow Vest protesters are accused of being racists; a man going to pick up his girlfriend from jail for grand theft auto drives to the jail in a stolen car; executed serial killer Ted Bundy is accused of benefiting from “white privileged”; and old pasta killed a kid. All this and more and it’s only been one day.

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