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Roger Stone: CNN’s ’Jake Tapper Looks Light In The Loafers’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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President Trump adviser Roger Stone took a crack at one of Washington’s most thin-skinned journalists Tuesday, calling CNN’s Jake Tapper “light in the loafers.”

The comment came during a Tuesday morning Breitbart News Daily radio interview on SiriusXM’s Patriot Channel.

Stone was indicted Friday on seven counts of obstruction, false statements and witness tampering. He was arraigned Tuesday in federal court in Washington, D.C., where he pleaded not guilty.

Breitbart News‘s Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, who hosts the show, raised the issue of various journalists, such as Tapper, trying to “out him” sexually. During a panel discussion on CNN’s The Lead, Tapper suggested that Stone might reap some enjoyment from being in prison. Stone is married to a woman and has two children. He is The Daily Caller‘s men’s fashion editor due to his sartorial expertise. Readers can listen to the full exchange here.

“The media is actually trying to out you Roger?” Marlow asked. “They’re making jokes you’re going to enjoy prison? Some of the sickest stuff I’ve ever seen from our American media and it starts with CNN getting the call early in the morning … What was your reaction, Roger?”

Jen Psaki, a former adviser to President Obama, badmouthed Stone on CNN: “No one’s going to cry if Roger Stone goes to jail or when he goes to jail.”

Tapper replied, “He might like it.”

Sadly, Tapper is no match for Stone in the insult department. (RELATED: Jake Tapper Is Meshugganah) 

“My private life is my private life,” said Stone, who is a Libertarian and longtime supporter of same-sex marriage and legalizing weed. “My private life is my private life. I’m married and I have two children, five grandchildren, and our business is our business. I don’t know what those implications are. I mean, Jake Tapper looks light in the loafers to me. I don’t know what implication he’s making about me, but I think most people found the whole thing repugnant.”

Marlow laughed out loud at Stone’s off-hand comment about Tapper, who, like Stone, is married to a woman and has children and dogs. Tapper is really up there with the journo greats like Commentary‘s Editor John Podhoretz who also made a prison rape joke about Stone. As a realist, Podhoretz yanked himself off Twitter for 30 days to find his soul.

Stone, who wears spectacular suits and has written an international best and worst dressed list for the last 13 years, takes pride in his attire. He has also been known to tear down journalists who dress badly.

“Yeah, I like to dress well,” he said. “I have a fashion site — StoneOnStyle — you can go there now. I’ve written books, Stone’s Rules, about men’s style. I’ve been the men’s styles correspondent for The Daily Caller and I still am. What’s the implication there?”

Stone explained what life has been like for him as of late, including some to physically injure his wife, who is deaf.

“The hatred, the death threats, the threats against my children,” he said. “The threats to disfigure my wife. I have people who call the house and say “We know where your grandchildren go to school” and hang up. I mean, the Left is sick in this country. They are mentally ill.”

“I can’t even begin to explain to people that for two years now I’ve been unable to go out in public, to a public restaurant or through an airport, without ugliness and people threatening to kill me, and people saying “You’re a Russian spy.”

As a result of the Robert Mueller probe, Stone said he lost his health and life insurance policies and was forced to sell his car.

“Yeah, I’m broke and looking at two million in legal bills,” he said, noting the “trumped up phony politically charges” lodged against him and his pride in helping to beat “Hillary Rotten Clinton.”