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You might think essential oil diffusers are frivolous, or a lot of hype with no practical value. You may not even know exactly what they are. But an EOD goes above and beyond a conventional air freshener, adding subtle, beautiful scents and a range of therapeutic benefits to your space. If you’re looking to try one out or expand your collection, there’s a great deal right now at The Daily Caller shop. You get an elegant, wood-grained diffuser complete with 15 different ambient light settings and a set of 10 essential oils, all for just $49.99 after the 85% discount.

Normally $350, this aromatherapy bundle is 85 percent off

Normally $350, this aromatherapy bundle is 85 percent off

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Bundle on sale for $49.99

Whether you choose Lavendar, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, or other oils, aromatherapy has the ability to improve your sinus, ease allergies, and boost your energy & focus. The diffuser is fully adjustable for intensity, ensuring you’ll never be under or over-whelmed. The 15-setting lighting system comes with 7 mood modes so you can tweak the ambiance until it’s just right, and the EOD comes standard with BPA-free construction.

Don’t settle for a normal air freshener when you can have all the benefits of aromatherapy at such a low price. Check out the deal today at The Daily Caller Shop—85% off the $349 MSRP gets you the bundle for only $49.99 out the door.

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