This Massager Feels Like Your Own Personal Masseuse For 40 Percent Off

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A professional massage will definitely leave you feeling relaxed but comes with a high price tag and takes time out of your busy day. The Sable Cordless Handheld Massager with Infrared gives you the same relaxation as a masseuse on your own schedule. The infrared massager is on sale in the Daily Caller Shop for only $22.99.

Normally $39, this handheld massager is 41 percent off

Normally $39, this handheld massager is 41 percent off

Sable Cordless Handheld Infrared Massager on sale for $22.99

Because it’s cordless, the massager doesn’t require you to be near an outlet during your tranquilizing experience. The lightweight massager relieves muscle soreness with rotating nodes and infrared rays up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Sable Cordless Handheld Infrared Massager’s ergonomic design molds to the user’s back, legs, or arms, so it’s suitable for the whole family. Get the equivalent of a 90-minute Swedish deep-tissue massage to loosen joints from a tough workout or sitting all day at the office. With a price reduction from $38.99 to $22.99, treat yourself to the Sable Cordless Handheld Infrared Massager instead of a one-time visit to the spa.

Bring your own personal masseuse into your home when you buy the Sable Cordless Handheld Massager with Infared in the Daily Caller Shop for $22.99.

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