Andrew Gillum Begins His Time At CNN With Discussion About The Next President

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Former Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum began his new job as a CNN political commentator by discussing the next president Wednesday.

“I think this is about, as is all elections, about the future and where we want to go. Ultimately I think the person who will win not only the Democratic primary but the White House will be the person who, in my opinion, is able to reach some of those Trump voters,” Gillum said on “New Day” Wednesday. (RELATED: Amid FBI Probe Andrew Gillum Finds A New Job At CNN)

“And I don’t mean those who might self-identify as racist,” he continued. “But I mean those individuals who believed that quite frankly they were getting a raw deal, that the economy wasn’t working for them, that they want better opportunities for themselves and their families. They didn’t feel that. The president somehow was able to convince them that we were going to win again. But what he didn’t communicate is that he was going to win again. The rest of us were going to suffer.”


Gillum also spoke about former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s independent bid for the White House and said he hopes Schultz reconsiders rejoining the Democratic party. He also said Schultz’s campaign is likely to help Trump win re-election.

“I don’t know Mr. Schultz. I understand he’s been a life-long Democrat. I will tell you as a life-long Democrat I would welcome him back into the Democratic Party and in the Democratic fold,” Gillum said.

“There are a number of candidates who have staked out more progressive positions in this primary. If he believes that there is room for his vision, if he believes that whatever his version of a moderate vision for the future of the country is the right way to go, I think he ought to make that case inside the Democratic primary,” he said. “I don’t think that it is helpful, not to him and certainly not to the country and not to those of us who want to replace Donald Trump in the White House for him to, quite frankly, skirt that process, use his billions to run an independent and I believe likely failing a race for president which would, I believe, almost ultimately guarantee Donald Trump’s re-election.”

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