Democratic Sen Bob Casey Says He’s Open To Any Border Security Measures That The Experts Recommend Except A Wall

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Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said he supports increased border security measures and will defer to the experts, except when it comes to a wall.

“There’s fencing on the border now. Some of it needs to be repaired. You might want to add some. But I think that’s where we’re hung up,” Casey said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.” (RELATED: Jeff Merkley Calls For More Border Fencing And Barriers But Says The Wall Is A Racist Symbol)

Co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Casey if he was open to installing steel slats and Casey referenced immigration bills from the Bush and Obama administrations as his starting point.

“I’m open to what’s been in these bills. Real border security,” he replied. Kilmeade then cut him off to say past methods haven’t worked.


“Nothing’s worked before,” Kilmeade shot back. “Why stick with something that wasn’t working?”

“What we’ve got to do is not get hung up on the physical infrastructure. We need new technology,” Casey answered. “We need to inspect every vehicle coming in. If you want to stop the Fentanyl and the cocaine and the drugs you’ve got to inspect every … vehicle.”

Kilmeade followed up again on his steel slats question and Casey said he’s willing to listen to the immigration experts.

“I am, what I have voted for in the past in the 2018 bill and ’13 bill has fencing, because that’s what the experts tell us. I got to listen to the experts. Not the politicians in Washington including the president,” he concluded.

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