Ricky Gervais: ‘There’s Never Been A Better Time To Wind People Up’

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Ricky Gervais thinks it’s the best time to be a comedian right now.

No stranger to controversy, Gervais claims the politically charged atmosphere right now is the perfect time to bait an audience. (RELATED: Ricky Gervais: ‘I Can’t Push Boundaries Enough’ In Trump Era)

“I really don’t understand why comedians moan about ‘outrage culture,'” Gervais wrote to his over 13 million Twitters. “There’s never been a better time to wind people up.”

The tweet has received over 8 million likes since it was posted late Tuesday night.

One of his followers responded to the tweet, saying in part, “A comedians [sic] job is to find the line and push it.”

“Exactly,” Gervais responded. “I’m saying don’t complain about people being offended, ignore them. Or offend them some more. They’re going to be offended anyway. Give them what they want :)”

Ricky Gervais is no stranger to his counter-culture commentary. Late last year, Gervais went viral for making a comment about comedy being dead.

“Please stop saying ‘You can’t joke about anything anymore.’ You can,” he asserted. “You can joke about whatever the fuck you like. And some people won’t like it and they will tell you they don’t like it. And then it’s up to you whether you give a fuck or not. And so on. It’s a good system.”

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