This Charging Cable Is Durable Enough To Last For A Lifetime

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You probably have discarded cables cluttering your home after they fray and break. The Syncwire UNBREAKcable (Lightning/White) lives up to its name: it lasts for 30,000 bends without breaking. The Daily Caller shop has the tough cable on sale for 40% off right now.

Normally $19, this lightning cable is 42 percent off

Normally $19, this lightning cable is 42 percent off

Syncwire UNBREAKcable (Lightning/White) on sale for $10.99

The cable’s strength is due to a tinplate interior, TPE jacket exterior, and wrapped internal wires. Avoid the dangers of frayed wires as the Syncwire UNBREAKcable is thirty times as strong as the average cable. Charge any generation of Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod. At three feet long, the cable is long enough to use no matter the outlet location. The 8-Pin connector administers rapid data transfer, syncing, and charging. The price has been reduced from $18.99 to $10.99, inexpensive enough to keep one in your office, home, and your bag while traveling.

You can continue to keep buying cables for your Apple products or snag the Syncwire UNBREAKcable once in the Daily Caller shop for $10.99.

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