Clemson Football Players Dispute Report That Players Would Be Punished For Not Visiting The White House

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Some Clemson football players aren’t too pleased with reports they were pressured or forced to visit the White House.

The Root recently published an article that claimed some players felt choosing not to go to the White House after winning the national title would “affect their scholarships or playing time.” (RELATED: Clemson Beats Alabama For National Title)

However, several players have hit back. Clemson linebacker Kendall Joseph disputed the report and told Slate the following Wednesday:

That’s trash. That’s trash. That’s so false. Coach Swinney doesn’t operate that way. He asked us to go just for the full experience being able to celebrate going 15-0 and doing something that’s never been done. That was his main reason why he wanted us to go. Of course some people didn’t want to go because of the president, but that wasn’t his focus. He was just wanting us to go for the experience because he felt like looking back on it 10 years down the line, we might have wished we went. But I mean come on. It was never anything close to that. 

Other players tweeted out that the report they would be punished wasn’t true.

This whole claim seems absurd to me. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney would be in so much trouble if he yanked scholarships over a White House visit.

That would be getting wall-to-wall coverage on ESPN every single day for a week solid, and it could honestly get Swinney in massive trouble with the school and NCAA.

It wouldn’t be beyond impossible to imagine a scenario where yanking a scholarship over a White House visit could cost him his job.


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It’s also a good sign several of his players rushed to his defense. I really don’t believe a word of the report from The Root. Not a single word.

Swinney prides himself on being a class act and yanking scholarships or benching kids over the White House would go against absolutely everything he stands for.


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I’m not buying it at all until somebody goes on the record.

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