Bret Baier: Coverage Of VA Gov. Northam ‘Would Be A Lot Different’ If He Were Republican

Mike Brest Reporter
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The coverage that Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has received in the wake of an offensive yearbook photo would have been much different if he were a Democrat, Bret Baier claimed on his show Friday.

An image in Northam’s medical school yearbook emerged Friday, which featured one man in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. But it remains unclear as to which one is Northam.  (RELATED: Yearbook Page Of Democratic Gov. Northam Features KKK, Blackface)


“It’s never a good day for a politician when you are confronted with the yearbook photo and the Washington, D.C., community in your state is trying to figure out whether you were the one in blackface or the one under the Klan hood,” Matthew Continetti stated.

Marshall responded, “I’m not sure if he will [step down] and honestly I come from a state where we are known for our recalls. We put a movie star in the governor’s mansion. I really think the people really need to decide—I don’t care if this person is a Democrat or Republican—this is highly offensive. Like you said, he admits he was either in a KKK hood or in blackface.”

“Is there one that’s worse than the other for the governor?” Baier asked.

“No. I’m simply saying that if we are going to have a zero tolerance policy in politics, in today in 2019, that has to be zero tolerance across the board,” Marshall countered.

“All I know is that the coverage of this would be a lot different if it was in a different prism, if it was a Republican governor I think it might be leading a lot of the newscasts that it’s not leading currently. And I also think it’s really interesting in the context here,” Baier responded.

“Obviously, this is tremendously offensive and horrible. But, the earlier comments about what many considered infanticide about keeping a baby comfortable outside the womb and then making a decision whether to move forward with killing that baby didn’t get a lot of coverage comparative to this,” he continued.

Though Northam has apologized for the photo, he doesn’t plan on resigning.

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