Remember The British Singer Who Got Harry Styles Tattooed On Her Face? She Just Addressed It

(YouTube screenshot: KelsyKarterVEVO)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Kelsy Karter, the British singer who convinced the world she tattooed Harry Styles on her cheek, is speaking out.

We covered this earlier this week … Karter, who is a pop punk singer and apparently a huge Harry Styles fan, has been desperate to collaborate with the English heartthrob. When conventional measures didn’t work, she resorted to the obvious next choice: tattooing his entire face on her right cheek. (RELATED: Female British Singer Gets Harry Styles’ Face Tattooed On Her Cheek For This Absurd Reason)

Obviously, the internet melted down:


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mama, look what i made me do

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But it turns out, the entire thing was just one big hilarious prank!!!

She admitted to the world that it was just an elaborate scheme to promote awareness for rock in a YouTube video titled “How I Rocked The Entire World For $300.”

“I love that Harry has introduced rock to a new generation of fans,” she wrote in her video. “Plus, he’s nice to look at.”


I think somehow I’m even relieved that this is fake. And since she pretty much had the entire world in shock for a few days, a lot of people would agree that it was a sound investment for a rising rockstar.

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