This Futuristic Safe Provides 24/7 Monitoring Directly To Your Phone

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You store tons of valuables in the house, but do you have a surefire method of keeping them secure even while you’re not around? Due to the latest advancements in security technology, there’s a new product on the market that can provide ultra-secure 24/7 monitoring of your belongings. Successfully funded on Indiegogo, the iKeyp Safe has evolved to fill this niche!

What makes the iKeyp Safe so powerful is the real-time notifications and reminders that can be send directly to your smartphone. That means if somebody is tampering with the safe, you’ll know immediately from anywhere. It’s the perfect way to store personal items that need to be regularly accessed like prescription medications and important documents. The sealed, humidity-resistant storage ensures your valuables stay intact.

Normally $150, this digital safe is 33 percent off

iKeyp Safe on sale for $99

Setup and access to the iKeyp Safe is incredibly straightforward. It’ll literally take you seconds to install using the patented expandable wing system. Open the safe at any time via smartphone, built-in keypad, or backup key. You can even set up alerts to remind you when to take daily medication.

The iKeyp Safe is essential for anybody who wants to keep their valuables safe. At 33% off, this safe will only cost you $99!

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