Rob Gronkowski Is ‘Feeling 100 Percent’ For The Super Bowl Against The Rams

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski is apparently completely healthy for the Super Bowl Sunday night against the Rams.

Ian Rapoport reported the following Sunday morning:

Sources say Gronk is feeling 100 percent after battling injuries for most of the season. First, in Week 5, he was dealing with Achilles tendonitis, sources said, an ailment officially listed as an ankle that zapped some of his explosiveness. A back injury then came in Week 7.

Sources said he had a bulging disc in his back that further worked to slow Gronkowski down. It took him more than a month to show signs of recovery and in Week 15 he was finally off the report, only to return for Week 16. No wonder his numbers are down overall.

This is great news if you’re cheering for New England, and it’s awful news to hear if you’re pulling for the Rams.

The difference between a healthy Gronk and a Gronk that’s playing at less than 100 percent is enough to swing the outcome of the game tonight. When he’s healthy, the Patriots star might be the most dominant tight end in the history of the NFL. (RELATED: The Patriots Will Face The Rams In The Super Bowl)

He’s borderline unstoppable in the red zone when he’s at the top of his game.

Now, we’ll see what Gronk can produce tonight in what could very easily be his final game in the NFL.

Don’t be surprised one bit if he hangs it up if the Patriots win their six ring. He’s been pretty open about the beating his body has taken over his playing career.


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Make sure to tune in tonight on CBS at 6:30 EST. It should be a great game.

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