SUPER BOWL LIII Halftime Show: Here’s What You May Have Missed

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Super Bowl LIII is officially halfway over, and we’ve got some thoughts on the halftime show.

The show kicked off with Grammy-Award winning band Maroon 5, which now seems like it’s been around longer than the NFL itself. How old is Adam Levine now, like 70? (He’s actually 39, almost the same age as Kim Kardashian. Let that sink in.)

It started out pretty well:

They went with some of their better known hits:

And in an effort to appeal to their younger audience, Maroon 5 made an ambiguous reference to Spongebob and handed it off to the next act …

Travis Scott. Who broke the internet with his newest album Astroworld, but you probably know him because he’s Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy. Think you’d like his music? Here’s a sample:

I bet you feel at least marginally smarter after that little ditty.

Now onto Big Boi, who literally nobody knows anything about other than he’s the guy who used to be a part of Outkast. You know the band, they were a total hit in the 90s with songs like “Caroline,” “Roses,” and “Hey Ya!”

At least he entered stage left in a car and a fur coat:

But it turns out, Big Boi is still making music — with Maroon 5! How nifty! What’s old is new again!

The half-time show is getting a lot of hate online, but let’s cut these guys some slack. It’s pretty understandable that the Super Bowl halftime performers are older guys who’ve been around for a while. It’s not like this is the biggest concert of the year or anything. I bet younger singers are off doing way better things anyways.

For what it’s worth, it sounds like Twitter generally wishes Maroon 5 stuck with their Spongebob reference and handed it off to the Bubble Bowl performers:

Maybe next year.

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