Heroic Cashier Fends Burglar Off With Banana, Peel Police Say


Jena Greene Reporter
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A female store clerk valiantly prevented a thief from robbing her convenience store using a single banana, police are saying.

According to Global News, a man walked into a Mississauga bodega in the Toronto area around 8:40 p.m. on Saturday evening. He approached the counter and demanded money, but the female cashier acted quickly. She grabbed a banana from the store’s display and bluntly threw it at the man, stunning him and causing him to run out. (RELATED: Three Men Arrested For Kidnapping Some Car Jackers. Are They Heroes?)

The man, who is still at large, is not suspected to be injured, but the banana did sustain “some minor bruising,” Const. Akhil Mooken, a media relations Officer for Peel Regional Police, told Newsweek.

No goods were stolen from the store.

Only in Canada. You’ve got to love our northern neighbors. This woman didn’t hide or cave to this robber’s demands. She’s been dealing with a week of the polar vortex and now she’s got strange men coming into her establishment demanding money? Not today. Oh hell no. She grabs a dense tropical fruit and absolutely Randy Johnsons this guy at close range.

I don’t know how much this woman enjoys being in Canada but she sounds like 1) a hero and 2) like she deserves a shot at the major leagues. We could use that kind of grit down here in the US of A. Somebody sign her to their office softball team stat.

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